Why Us

 With Engine Armour Tech™, preventative maintenance JUST GOT BETTER

Lubricants treat symptoms - We ATTACK the cause of soot & carbon damage.  Lab Reports consistently report SIGNIFICANT increases in torque, horsepower, fuel milage and reduced emissions.  Engine Armour Tech™ - like no other.




WHY is Engine Armour Tech™ setting a new standard in preventative maintenance?

  Significantly improves engine performance
  Reduces soot & carbon - and related abrasion, wear and maintenance
Goes beyond what oil and oil additives can do on their own

Operations savings, maintenance savings, improved reliability, reduced down-time, extended unit service life - all benefits of treating with Engine Armour Tech™.  Oil & predictive failure analysis consistently show equipment treated with Engine Armour Tech™ contains significantly lower levels of trace metal contaminants - a clear indication of  less abrasion & wear going on inside equipment engines.


Engine Armour Tech™ - like no other