Continuous Improvement


Engine Armour Tech™ delivers several short-term & long-term benefits and savings for trucks and other mobile industrial and stationary equipment.  But for maintenance & fleet managers to see real results, equipment performance needs to be somehow monitored and quantified.

Engine Armour Tech™ has developed a unique service approach whereby we support clients in properly administering product treatments PLUS we provide (at the clients’ option) a detailed data monitoring report of equipment performance - a baseline on which to compare with tangible data a machine’s relative performance AFTER treatment with Engine Armour Tech™.


to fit your needs

For maintenance managers who are looking for tech support to treat equipment with Engine Armour Tech™ and guide them through the process OR who are looking for data to more effectively monitor equipment performance as part of their preventive maintenance program, Engine Armour tech offers a tailor made solution to fit specific needs.

ENSURING PROPER IMPLEMENTATION - with monitoring for optimal performance

Engine Armour Tech™ offers a unique service model for industrial mobile and stationary equipment, on-site product treatment, data collection and reporting. The process assures that the very specific treatment regime of our product is followed to the letter for optimal results. Further it establishes a clear performance baseline of equipment BEFORE and AFTER treatment using several equipment performance metrics including oil analysis, vibration / harmonics, sound and temperature.


Engine Armour Tech™ uses one of the most trusted and widely used technical resources in industrial preventative maintenance - oil sample laboratory testing. Lab reports provide critical information on the contaminants picked up by engine oil and the “health” of that oil.