How Engine Armour Works

Engine Armour Tech is a penetrating ceramic liquid sealer that cleans away soot & carbon deposits and fuses into microscopic pores in metal. When cured it becomes a glass smooth ceramic finish that significantly reduces friction, will not allow the formation of sludge and abrasive carbon, reduces wear on components, saves maintenance cost and maximizes up-time.

Interupting the Soot/Carbon Cycle

When applied to engines, Engine armour tech goes to work, cleaning residual soot and carbon deposits from internal metal surfaces.  This unique technology penetrates and seals jagged microscopic metal surfaces and forms a durable ceramic shield that reduces metal on metal friction and abrasion, with one application lasting several oil change intervals.  The resulting reduction in blow-by, increase in engine compression and improvement in combustion efficiency significantly reduces the production of soot in the combustion process and prevents the formation of harmful carbon deposits.


Long Lasting Performance

Unlike oil and oil additives, the benefits of Engine Armour Tech™ extend beyon d oil changes. Treatments can last for months of service – depending on operating hours or intensity of equipment work-load. This new ceramic protection technology represents an enormous opportunity to reduce friction and operating temperature, reduce wear and extend the reliability and service life of equipment – whether it be engines (diesel or gas), pumps & compressors or hydraulics OR mobile and stationary equipment of any size.