Impact of E. A. Tech

Engine Armour Tech™ goes far beyond what oil and oil additives are able to achieve on their own:

  • EA attacks the two main causes of friction and enhances the performance of conventional lubrications to more effectively protect equipments’ internal moving parts.
  • These additional levels of protection make Engine Armour Tech™ the most comprehensive and advanced preventative maintenance (lubrication) technology available.


Preventative maintenance   is an expensive but crucial and cost saving function to keep equipment in optimum running order and help to avoid unscheduled repairs & downtime.  Standard maintenance routines have long been about regular oil changes, replacing filters, seals and belts.  Engine Armour Tech provides a new technology tool that helps protect and reduce unscheduled maintenance over and above what conentional best practices can do. 


Proven Performance

The benefits of Engine Armour Tech™ have been well proven in the last 10 years with applications on thousands of trucks and other industrial equipment in 10+ countries. Operations Managers report (confirmed by independent laboratory testing) significant improvements in equipment performance and reduced wear.