Preventative maintenance is an expensive, but crucial function in keeping equipment in optimum running order and to avoid unscheduled repairs and downtime. Standard maintenance routines have long been about regular oil changes, grease points, replacing filters, seals and bearings. In recent years, new trucks & equipment present more challenges - including complex electronic systems, turbochargers and DPF / DEF emissions systems and more.

ENGINE OIL reduces friction and cleans contaminants in its operating environment. It is circulated in the engine until saturated with contaminants. Dirty oil is then replaced and the cycle begins again. OIL ADDITIVES enhance the ability of engine oil to clean & further reduce friction. Additive ingredients need to be replaced after each oil change.

ENGINE ARMOUR TECH™ is a breakthrough preventative maintenance “lubrication” treatment. It is neither an oil nor oil additive – but rather an inert penetrating ceramic liquid sealer that uses oil as a carrier to reach metal components – whether in an engine, transmission, gearbox, pump or hydraulic system.


The benefits of Engine Armour Tech™ ‘s treatments have been well proven in tests by multiple independent laboratories and 10 years experience with trucks & heavy equipment in Canada and 10+ other countries. In addition, oil sample testing consistently shows “healthier” oil with clear signs of reduced wear on engines. Operations managers report significant improvements in short and long-term performance, efficiency and wear.

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