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While other brands may offer a multitude of different products for engines, transmissions, and fuel additives, Engine Armour Tech provides a single, all-in-one solution that can meet all your needs. This problem-solvers is among the best on the market, and is suitable for a wide range of vehicles, including cars, pickups, bikes, ATV/UTVs, semi-trucks, construction equipment, boats, and garden appliances. With Engine Armour Tech, you can extend the service life of your engine and components, ensuring exceptional performance and proper function for many years to come. Furthermore, the product also provides fuel savings and emissions reduction, and you only need to apply it once per year.

carsENGINE OIL reduces friction and cleans contaminants in its operating environment. It is circulated in the engine until saturated with contaminants. Dirty oil is then replaced and the cycle begins again. OIL ADDITIVES enhance the ability of engine oil to clean & further reduce friction. Such additive ingredients need to be replaced after each oil change.

ENGINE ARMOUR TECH™ is a breakthrough preventative maintenance “lubrication” treatment. It is neither an oil nor oil additive – but rather an inert penetrating ceramic liquid sealer that uses oil as a carrier to reach metal components – whether in an engine, transmission, gearbox or hydraulic system.


racingThe benefits of Engine Armour Tech‘s treatments have been well proven in tests by multiple independent laboratories and 10 years of transport truck experience in Canada and 10+ countries. In addition, oil sample testing consistently shows “healthier” oil with clear signs of reduced wear on engines. Fleet managers report significant improvements in short and long-term performance, efficiency and wear.

  1. Improves performance
  2. Improves fuel efficiency
  3. Reduces emissions
  4. Extend oil life
  5. Extend engine life
  6. SAE J1321 TYPE II (Fuel Economy Test)
  7. ASTM D7216 Oil Compatibility with Typical Seal Elastomers
  8. ASTM D4172 Wear Preventive Characteristics of Lubricating Fluid (Four-Ball Method)

4 & 6 Cylinder Gas engine application instructions

V-8 Gas engine application instructions

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