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Farm Tractors

201 to 300 hp

16oz Engine

8oz Transmission / Hydrostatic

151 to 200 hp

12oz Engine

8oz Transmission / Hydrostatic

12 oz Farm Equipment

101 to 150 hp

8oz Engine

8oz Transmission / Hydrostatic

51 to 100 hp

6oz Engine

6oz Transmission / Hydrostatic

15 to 50 hp

4oz Engine

4oz Transmission / Hydrostatic

128 oz 1 US Gallon

4oz Engine

4oz Transmission / Hydrostatic

128 oz 1 us gallon

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Engine Armour Tech™ distinguishes itself from other brands that offer individual products for engines, transmissions, and fuel additives. Instead, it offers a comprehensive solution that caters to all your lubricated farming equipment needs. This all-in-one product is incredibly potent and works exceptionally well with a diverse range of farming equipment, such as tractors, harvesters, cultivators, combines, and hydraulic systems. By using Engine Armour Tech™, you can prolong the life of your farming equipment and its components, which ensures top-notch performance and optimal functioning for several years. Moreover, it also contributes to fuel efficiency and helps reduce emissions, and you only need to apply it once annually.
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The primary role of farming equipment ENGINE OIL is to reduce friction and remove impurities from the equipment’s operational environment. It circulates throughout the machine until it becomes saturated with pollutants, at which point it must be changed with clean oil to restart the cycle. To enhance the oil’s cleaning ability and further reduce friction, OIL ADDITIVES can be utilized. However, after each oil change, these supplementary components must be re-added.

ENGINE ARMOUR TECH™ is a revolutionary preventative maintenance solution that acts as a lubricating treatment for farming equipment. Unlike traditional oils or oil additives, it is a non-reactive, ceramic liquid sealer that penetrates the metal components through the medium of oil. This product can be used on various systems, such as engines, transmissions, gearboxes, and significantly reduce overheating in hydraulic systems.


Tractor HarrowEngine Armour Tech™ treatments have undergone rigorous testing by numerous independent laboratories and have been put to the test with over a decade of experience in the Canadian transport truck industry, as well as in more than ten other countries. The results of these tests have provided significant evidence of the product’s efficiency. Furthermore, oil sample testing consistently shows that the treated oil is in better condition, with notable reductions in engine wear. Fleet managers have reported substantial improvements in both short and long-term performance, efficiency, and wear.

  1. Improves performance
  2. Improves fuel efficiency
  3. Reduces emissions
  4. Extend oil life
  5. Extend engine life
  6. SAE J1321 TYPE II (Fuel Economy Test)
  7. ASTM D7216 Oil Compatibility with Typical Seal Elastomers
  8. ASTM D4172 Wear Preventive Characteristics of Lubricating Fluid (Four-Ball Method)


Always consider the amount of Hydraulic fluid of the tractor’s implements, by adding 4oz for the first 10 gallons of hydraulic fluid. 8oz for 100 gallons, Larger volume U.S. Gallons divide by 12 = Oz’s Example: 250 gallons divided by 12 = 20.8333 add 20 oz to hydraulic system. Apply at operating temperature then continue to operate for a minimum of 40 minutes.